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Sciath ingen Chaennaig


Born in the small village of Kyleakin, on An t-Eilean Sgitheanach in the shadow of the red hills of Sgurr na Coinnich, in the Year of Our Lord 1262, when Rí Alban was Alaxandair mac Alaxandair was king, Sciath ingen Chaennaig (pronounced SKY-ah) is the eldest daughter of a sea merchant who married a minor noblewoman from Srath Chluaidh. As her father's business kept him away, it was thought best for Sciath, her sister (Suannoch), and her mother (Jonet) if they moved to Srath Chluaidh, and closer to the security of the family. Once established in Bute, Sciath was taught to run a noble household. Her father's stories of his travels made her dream of the wide world, and her father arranged for her marriage to Ieuan ap Gwilym, a Welshman of noble birth. She moved to Caerleon, in Gwent. This was a far distance from home, and the language was ne'er the same. Life has been an adventure ever since.

Gaelic names can be difficult to know how to pronounce, so here is some help on pronouncing Sciath's name https://namedrop.io/sciathingenchaennaig.


Magistra Sciath ingen Chaennaig lives as the territorial Baroness in the Barony of Rising Waters but enjoys travelling the Known World to discover new people and new crafts. She is an active member of the White Wolf Fian and travels widely to teach research skills, metalwork, heraldry and music theory.

Sciath currently resides in the Barony of Rising Waters.


  • Device: Or, a quatrefoil and a tierce indented azure.
  • Badge: (Fieldless) A quatrefoil azure within and conjoined to an annulet Or.

Offices and Appointments

Current Offices and Appointments



Past Offices


Sciath and her partner, the Honourable Lord Ieuan ap Gwilym, are the heads an inter-kingdom household, the Goldfyne Busy Bees Companie. The badge of the household is: Argent, on a saltire vert a beehive between four bees palewise in saltire Or.

Members of the Goldfyne Busy Bees Companie include Lady Iuliana Angelina (East), Lord James de Northebrok (East), Baroness Jeanne de Robin (East), THL Ieuan (Ealdormere), Noble Rhys of Anglesey (Ealdormere), Lady Bera Oddsdottir (Ealdormere), Elizabeth Galloway(Ealdormere), and Lady Eydis Drifa (Ealdormere).

In addition, Sciath is a member of the House Herissony through her allegiance with Magistra Nika and Master Gunther.

Other Activities

Sciath's apprentices include Lady Bera Oddsdottir and Noble Rhys of Anglesey. Sciath does not have any proteges at this time. She has one demoiselle, lady Elizabeth Galloway(Ealdormere).



Contact Information

Sciath can be reached by email.

Arms: Or, a quatrefoil and a tierce indented azure.
Badge: (Fieldless) A quatrefoil azure within and conjoined to an annulet Or.
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