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Boaz started his life as a very small puppy on a very large farm. He spent his early years chasing tractors, trying to get under the fence and biting other puppies' ears. Upon reaching the glorious age of 18 months, he was unleashed on the racing world, in the Southern lands of Meridies, where he did his utmost to catch that darn rabbit. Like all of us, he won some and lost some.

By the time he reached middle age, he was fed up with the southern climate and decided to move north to the glorious Kingdom of Ealdormere. He permitted his servants, Berend and Mahault to wait upon his every need, occasionally dressing up in heraldically appropriate jackets and coats. He had more fancy collars than any one hound could ever wish to use.

Boaz sadly crossed the Rainbow Bridge on September 14th, A.S. 51, from cancer-related complications.


Boaz was a member of The Honourable Guild of Fewterers, Veneurs and Mewskeepers of Ealdormere, which was later renamed to Hound Hall. Although he had a vast deal of experience in this field, he much preferred to spend his days laying around in camp, farting. He had such a reputation for his flatulence that a new scale had been created in his honour. If you're being judged on the Boaz scale, you might want to check in with a gastroenterologist!

Boaz the Greyhound.
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