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Ealdormere is the sixteenth kingdom in the Society for Creative Anachronism. It encompasses most of the Provence of Ontario in Canada.


Ealdormere became the sixteenth kingdom of the Known World in October, A.S. XXXIII (1998). Before this, from A.S. XXIII (1988) to A.S. XXXIII, Ealdormere was a principality of the Midrealm, encompassing several pre-existing baronies.

Located in the province of Ontario in Canada, Ealdormere encompasses most of southern and central Ontario; excepting Essex County around the city of Windsor, which is part of the Shire of Starleaf Gate in the Midrealm, and a large portion of Northern Ontario, including Thunder Bay, which is part of the Kingdom of Northshield. Currently Ealdormere consists of five Baronies and four Shires.

Ealdormere's symbols are the Trillium (a three-pointed white flower common to the region) and the wolf. These are combined in the populace badge of Ealdormere. Ealdormereans often use the term “the Northlands” as a synonym for Ealdormere (this is possibly a reference to the Canadian national anthem, or to the local popularity of Norse personas).

Ealdormere enjoys the reputation of having an unusually strong sense of “national identity” within the SCA, possibly stemming from its difficult birth and the deliberate efforts of its artisans and poets.

Current Royalty

The current King and Queen of Ealdormere are King Evander II and Queen Marioun II.


For more details on the history of Ealdormere, see the section of the wiki dedicated to history.

Early Days

In A.S. IX, then-Count Finnvarr de Taahe and others founded the Canton of Eoforwic in Toronto. This was the first SCA group in to be founded in Canada, and grew quickly. In A.S. XII, the Barony of Septentria and its Canton of Skraeling Althing (both now baronies) are founded.

Much of the early history of Ealdormere can be found in the Chronicles of Eoforwic.

The Ban on Regions

The “Ban on Regions”, also known as “King Alen's Ban”, “Alen's Proscription”, or “The Time of the Unspoken Name”, was an edict published in the April A.S. XX edition of The Pale forbidding the use of local “regional” organizations beyond those Shires and Baronies recognized by the Crown. Combined with a change in Middle Kingdom law raising the requirements for becoming a Principality, the Ban was punitive measure attempting the halt the growth of “regionalism” in the Midrealm. Directed specifically against Ealdormere - though affecting other regions such as Northshield - the Ban had a great impact on Ealdormeran culture and history.


In A.S. XXVI, the first Army of Ealdormere, under Prince David I and Princess Tangwystl, marched to the Pennsic War alongside the army of Calontir. Although SCAdians from the Ontario baronies had fought together since at least Pennsic VII this was the first time Ealdormere sent an army to Pennsic under its own banner.

In A.S. XXX there was controversy over the Midrealm Crown banishing two senior peers of Ealdormere. As the debate continued separatist opinion in Ealdormere grew to the point that during the reign of Prince Mordain and Princess Aelflaeda, their Seneschal Sir Menken Brechen formed the Laws Committee in February, with the aim of becoming a Kingdom. The following year, during the reign of Princess Elisabeth and Prince Menken, the principality Seneschal, Moria the Black conducted a poll to determine if the populace of the Principality were supportive of the proposed advancement to Kingdom status - the result was overwhelmingly in favour. At the same time, at Their Highnesses' request, a referendum of the populace was held to determine if Fencing (then called Rapier Combat) would be allowed in the new Kingdom of Ealdormere. Although hotly debated at the time, the issue was decided in favour of allowing Rapier Combat to continue. Over the course of the next year, many moots and surveys were conducted to determine support for proposed laws and structures that the proposed Kingdom would adopt. Once the very large petition, with supporting documentation and proposed officer handbooks were assembled, the application for Ealdormere to advance to Kingdom status was taken to the Board meeting to be approved by the Board of Directors, in Janaury A.S. XXXII.


Ealdormere became the the sixteenth Kingdom of the Knowne World in October, A.S. XXXIII with the crowning of King David the Greater, and Queen Elina de Braose. The full lineage of the Kings and Queens of Ealdormere is detailed in the Line of the North.

More information at Transition to Kingdom.

Lost Branches

A number of cantons and shires have been founded through the history of Ealdormere, only to become defunct shortly thereafter. These lost cantons are occasionally mentioned in the histories or poetry of Ealdormere.

More information at Former Groups.




The Heraldry of Ealdormere is maintained by the Ealdormere College of Heralds under the auspices of the College of Heralds for the SCA.

Kingdom Arms

The official Arms of Ealdormere are Gules, a trillium flower affronty argent, barbed vert, within a laurel wreath, in chief a coronet argent.

Populace Badges

The simplest form of populace badge is the ensign, which is blazoned Gules, three trillium argent, barbed and seeded vert. This is frequently found on standards as the hoist of allegiance, as well as on kingdom tabards.

A more complex populace badge is the “Wolfium” and the very similar “Wolfquatra”, though the latter is usually just called the Wolfium. The registered heraldry is blazoned: (Fieldless) On a trillium argent barbed vert a wolf's head cabossed gules and (Fieldless) On a triquetra inverted argent a wolf's head cabossed gules.

The crest of the Kingdom is (Fieldless) A wolf passant argent, collared and sustaining a flagstaff sable flying a banner to sinister gules. This wolf is affectionately called “Mr. Scruffy.”


The Kingdom of Ealdormere has a number of traditions and cultural practices that mark it out from others in the known world.

Ealdormere has long been known as “The Kingdom that Sings”, and has a proud bardic tradition founded by such luminaries as Master Hector of the Black Heights, Master Garred Galbraith, and Mistress Marion of Heatherdale. Unlike many other kingdoms, Ealdormere has a book bardic culture.

Ealdormere is one of the few kingdoms in the Knowne World that does not have any sumptuary laws. Instead, Ealdormerians have customs, most of which are derived from its time as part of the Middle Kingdom.


The rousing ballad “Rise” by Master Hector of the Black Height is viewed as the unofficial anthem of the Kingdom of Ealdormere.


The Kingdom newsletter is The Tidings.

Award Structure

Partially in response to The Midrealm's evolved award structure, Ealdormere's award structure was carefully planned from the start. It is essentially a “three-stream, three-tier” system.

The three “streams” are martial achievement, arts & sciences, and service. The three “tiers” start with award of arms level awards, followed by grant-level awards, and finally the patent-level or “Peerage” awards. All these awards grant a place on the Order of Precedence.

In addition, the custom of awarding Court Baronies for achievement is common in Ealdormere.

Youth achievement is often recognize at the Kingdom level with the Award of the Wolf's Cub.

Three commonly-issued awards which do not carry precedence are the Scroll of Honour, the Award of the King's Favour and the Award of the Queen's Favour. These honours are given at the sole discretion of the sitting Royalty.

Kingdom Event Tithe

For a time, Ealdormere instituted a Kingdom Event Tithe. The tithe was an additional $1 on every adult event registration. The money went directly to the Kingdom of Ealdormere for operating expenses such as the Royal Travel Fund. The fee came into effect on Jan. 1, 2009. Due to officer changes at Society level, and record-keeping errors, Society disallowed the tithe in January 2015. Local branches may now choose to donate a portion of their event profits to the Kingdom, but the Kingdom (at this time) may not require groups to do so.

The full achievement of arms of the Kingdom of Ealdormere.
The arms of the Kingdom of Ealdormere: Gules, a trillium flower affronty argent, barbed vert, within a laurel wreath, in chief a coronet argent.
The ensign badge of the Kingdom of Ealdormere: Gules, a trillium flower affronty argent, barbed vert, within a laurel wreath, in chief a coronet argent.
The “Wolfium” badge of the Kingdom of Ealdormere: (Fieldless) On a trillium argent barbed vert a wolf's head cabossed gules.
The “Wolfquatra” badge of the Kingdom of Ealdormere: (Fieldless) On a triquatra inverted argent a wolf's head cabossed gules.
The crest of the Kingdom of Ealdormere: (Fieldless) A wolf passant argent, collared and sustaining a flagstaff sable flying a banner to sinister gules.
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