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Vest Yorvik/HeraldTabard

New tabard project

Trillium has requested that all group pursuivants (that's the local herald) get/make a new tabard, in a particular style and such to match the other heralds in the kingdom.

In a voluntary demonstration of late-to-post-period but heartfelt feeling for our nation-state of Ealdormere, the members of the Canton have seen fit to participate in a show of union at Pennsic, and help the Canton's representative (me) conform to the uniform look of the Ealdormere College of Heralds. Even more significantly, the group has offered to share the labour of design, cost and construction. As the local representative of that College, and the immediate beneficiary of this project, please accept my thanks for your enthusiasm and esprit de corps. In keeping with our local tradition, however, I do not propose to retire the Vest Yorvik tabard entirely, but rather to continue to use it at local events, and/or those where it behooves me or us to be identified distinctly as members of VY. It is a nice tabard, and holds up very well.

4 June 2013 (late!) Apologies, good gentles, for not posting anything before now, but I have had some difficulty in finding the resources I needed to post accurate information to the group. They say a picture is worth M words (that's 1000 to you Arabs), so if you follow the following link, and scroll down (about 3/4 or so) to November 2, 2012, you will see a photo of Nathaniel, the pursuivant of the Canton of Harrowgate Heath, sporting a tabard made in the approved pattern. Note that the red-and-white quarters with the hare are those of his barony (Skraeling Althing), and the blue ones with the gold tower are those of his canton. The epaulets (shoulders), which are not as visible in this picture, are roughly semi-circular, and sport the kingdom's Trillium. I'll soon find you a flat pattern of what it looks like unfolded (i.e. front and back all facing the ceiling, but this is a start: https://www.facebook.com/ChestnutTreeCreations

This should give you an idea of the look, the size, and possibly the fabric needed for the tabard. I believe Nathaniel said he was using linen, but I don't think that is required or expected. Please continue to watch this space, and I'll shortly be posting the plan and more information on the dimensions.

5 June–Tabard dimensions: H.E. Percival reports that his tabard is of the following dimensions: “Finished sizes per quarter are 13” wide x 17.5“ long and the sleeves are 20” long x 11“ wide…”, and for the shoulder flaps/epaulets: “they are basically a half circle each with a radius of about 10 inches give or take..”

These dimensions were adjusted slightly for his height, which makes sense as it is a personal tabard that will always be reserved for his use; the one we are proposing to make will be for the use of the current local pursuivant, whoever that might be, so should be sized a bit on the generous side, in case of the office going to a large-framed individual. Anyway, it's not _clothes_ as such, but merely trappings, so does not have to be a close fit.

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