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Vest Yorvik/BannerMaking

2013 Baronial Taxes

We owe, as our baronial taxes for 2013, a battle standard for Pennsic.

We have been working under the assumption that this had to be very close to our canton arms; from Roselyne's discussions with Nicola, this seems to be in error - we can do very nearly whatever we want. It really just needs to be “evocative of something about our group”. Our arms are a convenient default, but we are not forced (or even encouraged in any way, as far as I can tell) to dismiss any other ideas.

I've even asked the baron and baronness if we are limited to the shape of the template given us; Grom's response (I asked specifically about cutting the triangle much deeper):

: As long as the banner is roughly the same size and the colour scheme is followed I have no problem at all modifying the template to have the cut much deeper.

So within reason, it sounds like the sky is the limit.

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Period and SCA examples

Please list below any period or SCA examples of the type of banner we are trying to make. I haven't been able to find many period examples of the two-tailed flag design, and what I have is all from the 15th century. Most of the examples I find are copies of each other too, so I've just copied one version of each into here.

I've only copied examples with the two-tailed flag shape, not the (far more prevalent) rectangular shape.

Period examples

New Proposals

Please add proposed banners in this section. Upload a file


I've attached below a couple templates to try and make it easier for people to create and add their own banner ideas. Just right-click, and select “Save image as…” to save it to your computer where you can edit it and make your own!

The bear logo is taken from the Septentrian web site; I've been taking boars heads from our own canton web site.

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