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A Patron is an honourary rank within the Ealdormere Academy of Defence. A Patron is anyone who supports the fencing community in Ealdormere. Anyone who wishes to be considered a patron should ask, and should be accepted.

Patrons are given a purple scarf as a mark of their rank. For special service, the Academy may vote to accord a Patron a gold stripe on their scarf. This would cover those whose support is more active and of long duration. Examples of service include, but are certainly not restricted to: assistance at list tables, assistance with paperwork, support of fence as a chirurgeon or waterbearer, constructing garb for fencers, making equipment (hilts, etc.) for fencers, research of any kind into fencing or the culture of the rapier era, etc.


Include, but are not limited to:

  • Have Fun!
  • Provide moral support for fencers
  • Be proud of the connection to the Academy

Current Patrons

  • Dame Asa Gormsdottir
  • Mistress Cainder ingen Hui Chatharnaig
  • His Grace Edward the Red – founding ruler
  • Lady Elzebeth MacGregor – wishes to offer her assistance to the EOAD community in reading/editing of papers.
  • Viscountess Morgon the Fey Wanderer of Ealdormere
  • Her Grace Rylyn Buchanan – founding ruler
  • Viscount Ziegfried Gunter Von Wieselburg
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