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Free Scholar

A Free Scholar is a rank within the Ealdormere Academy of Defence. They are given a Green Scarf as mark of their rank.

Rank Requirements

A free scholar must :

  • Have at least one primary authorization and be proficient in at least two forms from the secondary forms list
  • Have at least two years of experience as an authorized fighter
  • Wear period garb in the list
  • Be involved in at least one other aspect of the SCA
  • Have obtained an appointment as a MOFIT

Prize Requirements

To earn the rank of Free Scholar, the Prizor must fight 30 bouts, followed by a minimum of 15 minutes of open challenges.


Include, but are not limited to:

  • Have Fun!
  • Get that Marshals Warrant
  • Work with other fencers in training and guidance
  • Keep working on technique and weapons forms, especially period forms
  • Begin a research project
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